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Our Story

Well let's get to the point here.

Power Movement offer merchandise for our passionate soccer and basketball fanatics. Are you looking for eye-catching sweatshirts & hoodies? That is our craft. Will you be updating your shirt collection soon? You have came to the right store. Do you need to protect and add style to your phone? That is our specialty. Our catalog continues to grow and so do our number of customers. Quality products and reliable service. Just place an order and you will understand what we're talking about when you receive your product. We refer to our customers as "Power Movers."

We have a strong passion and commitment to ensure that our Power Movers stand out from the crowd. Anyone can purchase a plain hoodie, sweater, shirt, or phone case but only Power Movement offers the most unique & creative apparel & accessories in the market. We started this business selling phone cases but after positive reviews and suggestions, we decided to expand our catalog by offering hoodies, sweaters and shirts. 

Your suggestions, concerns, and comments are valued by our management team. Please contact our customer support team at any time.                      

We are in no way affiliated with any professional sports teams, we are simply just fans.